Foundations Projects

The Foundations Project is the cornerstone of our offer to young people.

It has been developed in direct response to need identified through consultation with young people and data evidence.

The project enables young people who are at risk and facing multiple disadvantages to overcome the sense of hopelessness about the future and the difficulties they can have in engaging in learning, training and/or employment. We work with young people to secure outcomes that increase their levels of resilience, self worth and value and reduce their need for crisis intervention through providing timely and relevant interventions.

Many of the young people we work with have not had the best start in life. Some have experienced family breakdown, abuse or domestic violence, and may not have had positive relationships or role models. Providing a mix of community-based group work sessions and one to one personal support, we work with young people to overcome these challenges, helping them to build the skills they need to move forward with their lives.

One to one support

Young people have told us that by providing the right support at the right time by the right people are all key factors in reducing risk taking behaviour and preventing harm.
Offering a youth work approach, our tailored one to one support offers truly personal delivery for maximum benefit to the young person.
We can provide practical support such as helping to look for a job, training course or voluntary work and address any underlying issues such as mental and emotional health and well being, anti social behaviour, family problems, substance use and bullying.

To help tackle these underlying causes, our service can assist with support in attending appointments, referring to specialist support providers, advocacy and mentoring.

Our work empowers young people to take more control of their lives equipping them with vital skills and building on their personal strengths to stop problems from reoccurring or escalating, helping to build confidence and self-belief, exploring individual skills and interests, challenging perceptions and attitudes and identifying future goals and aspirations. All of which helps to create stability and increase resilience.

One to one sessions can take place where the young person feels most comfortable whether that be in school, home, community venue or going for a walk. We don’t count the hours, days or weeks it will take to affect change; we work flexibly to meet the needs of each young person understanding that this can take time.

Group work programmes

We have evidence that many young people learn best when in a safe, non-judgemental group of their peers. We have therefore designed and deliver a variety of group programmes to meet the needs of these young people delivered in a manner that best suits their learning.

The programmes are primarily aimed at those young people who are at risk of becoming NEET, excluded from school, under achieving and who have issues relating to low self esteem and confidence.

Our activities and workshops are led by experienced youth workers and are tailored to best meet the needs of specific groups of young people; we can be flexible in our delivery plans and adapt our programmes to build on the strengths of the participants. We currently deliver:

  • 6 week programme: This is primarily aimed at schools but can be delivered in other venues, with young people being referred onto the programme via teachers and other key workers involved in the young persons welfare. The workshops focus on leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills, providing young people who may struggle academically with more experiential based learning.
  • 10 week programme: This is aimed at young people who have been identified or self identified as needing additional support. The workshops focus includes the key elements around confidence building, self esteem and team working with an additional focus on key issues and challenges that young people face such as poverty, environment, inclusion and sexuality. Each topic area lasts for the 10 week period and covers many aspects. This programme helps to encourage debate and dialogue with young people who would not usually participate in such activities and encourage a wider understanding of themselves and their community. There is also an art focus which enables young people to express their thoughts, feelings and learning on the subject through graffiti art, with each group completing and displaying art work at the end of the 10 week programme.

Both group programmes offer young people the opportunity to access services, training, support, work placements and volunteering opportunities.

Reaching out

In addition to our one to one support and our variety of group programmes, we also deliver a Reaching Out programme. Initially, Reaching Out was an awareness raising piece of work but it has developed into so much more.

Reaching Out is flexible and can be adapted to suit changing needs and circumstances. We can offer bespoke pieces of work ranging from delivering one off ad hoc issue focused workshops, to short intensive programmes. We can adjust our delivery schedules to best meet the presenting needs of young people and provide sessions that address a wide range of issues, such as exam stress and anxiety, confidence, team work and communication, and the development of employability skills.

We are usually able to accommodate specific requests and provide quick intervention; we then begin to build direct relationships with young people and start the process of identifying young people who may be in greater need and would benefit from our one to one service or group programmes. By adapting and shaping our delivery to meet the needs of the young people, we are able to provide an additional layer of support.