Tackling Drink/Drug Driving Video

26th November 2018

Last week members of Cumbria Youth Commission (CYC) launched their drink/drug driving video, the CYC West group have worked on every aspect of the video, researching drink/drug driving stats, creating the script & storyboard and also recruiting local young people to star in the video.

The young people wanted to create a video that could be used on various social media and would show others the consequences of getting behind the wheel whilst drunk.

The video will be used as part of the Police and Crime Commissioners anti social driving campaign which will launch in early December. Having a video that is created by young people and gives an accurate view of their experiences with drink/drugs is crucial to engage more people in the discussion around the issue and dissuading other young people from stepping in a car with a friend who is under the influence.

Over the last year 634 drivers were arrested and charged for drink and drug driving offences in Cumbria and a total of 96 drivers have been involved in collisions that caused injury or death.
We are incredibly proud of their had work and wish to thank all the partners involved; Whitehaven Foyer, Dryden Media, Cumbria Police, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, Workington Amateur Dramatics Society and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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