Who We Are

The principal activity of Young Cumbria is to meet the needs of young people aged 11 – 25 years.

Our focus is working with young people who are either deemed to be at risk, or live in an environment which places them at risk of achieving poor outcomes and experiencing a poor transition into adulthood.

We aim to achieve this by working with young people and their communities to enable them to advance their social education, increase their levels of resilience, build on their strengths and improve their life chances to enable them to achieve their full potential.”


We are striving to create a positive and lasting change in the lives of the most disadvantaged young people in Cumbria.


We believe that young people hold the key to their own success; all our work enables them to build on their existing strengths, qualities and experiences. We will ensure that our services are developed and delivered in response to young people’s current and emerging needs, so that they remain relevant and make the most positive difference.


Our values govern development and inspire us to succeed as an organisation. They underpin the work and behaviour of everyone involved in Young Cumbria, from how we work with young people and each other, to the decision making of the management team and Board of Trustee’s.

We view young people as educators – We believe that young people are educators and every young person has strengths and skills to succeed. Our ethos is to view people not problems and all our work is person centred enabling us to work with each young person to build their capacity for positive change.

Honest and open collaboration – We are honest, straight forward and open in our interactions with young people, staff and volunteers, partners, supporters and other stakeholders. We will do what we say we will do, and we will strive to communicate proactively and in collaboration to secure the best outcomes for young people.

Supporting staff – We strive to maintain an organisation in which staff are respected, supported, and listened to. We value the contribution of all staff and volunteers. We actively encourage creativity and new ideas as a means of achieving our mission.

Ambitious and go the extra mile – We go the extra mile for the young people we work with, many of whom have multiple needs. We keep working with young people no matter how challenging it may be, and we don’t give up on them. We set ambitious goals to make a lasting difference to the lives of children and young people.