Young people have told us that by providing the right support at the right time by the right people are all key factors in reducing risk taking behaviour and preventing harm.

Offering a youth work approach, our tailored one to one support offers truly personal delivery for maximum benefit to the young person.

We can provide practical support such as helping to look for a job, training course or voluntary work and address any underlying issues such as mental and emotional health and well being, anti social behaviour, family problems, substance use and bullying.

To help tackle these underlying causes, our service can assist with support in attending appointments, referring to specialist support providers, advocacy and mentoring.

Our work empowers young people to take more control of their lives equipping them with vital skills and building on their personal strengths to stop problems from reoccurring or escalating, helping to build confidence and self-belief, exploring individual skills and interests, challenging perceptions and attitudes and identifying future goals and aspirations. All of which helps to create stability and increase resilience.

One to one sessions can take place where the young person feels most comfortable whether that be in school, home, community venue or going for a walk. We don’t count the hours, days or weeks it will take to affect change; we work flexibly to meet the needs of each young person understanding that this can take time.

If you feel that this service could benefit you or a young person you know or work with please see the ‘How to get help’ section of this website.

You can also find out about our Group Work Projects and Reaching Out Programme.